Offset Printing

Offset printing is a process used in producing large volume print materials in which images embossed on metal plates are transferred to rubber rollers and then onto print media. To preserve the life of the metal plates, the rubber rather stamps the print material such as paper or synthetics.

Offset printing produces high quality and consistent image quality. The images that are to be printed are first created on a computer and then transferred onto metal plates using technology very similar to how we develop pictures from negatives in film photography or now more widely Computer to Plate (CTP) processes.

Offset printing has impacted on commerce more than any other technology when it comes to printing and packaging. Many marketing campaigns and advertising have relied on offset printing and many businesses can attribute their success in a way or another to offset printing.

Here at The Sticker Company we have in-house offset printing machines ranging from Two Colour Heidelberg Printing presses to Four Colour Heidelberg Printing presses – giving us flexibility and the capabilities to provide fast turnaround times. You’ll be amazed by our sharper, cleaner images when you print your business cards, brochures, presentation folders, flyers, business stationary or labels with us!

To ensure you don’t have the frustration of colour inconsistency – ensure you source your print material from the one supplier which will enable you to have some control over your media…Here at The Sticker Company we strive to make life easier for you our customer, that is why we have developed processes which enable us to offer a 95% colour matching guarantee when we print your products in-house. Click here for a Free sample pack and be amazed…