Graphic Design Services

The Sticker Company operates a modern design studio on the premises, taking your concept from the first step of basic design through to a finished piece of art. Every client is unique and your artwork will be kept this way to ensure individuality. Customers are happy with the speed of our design services, and delighted with the produce artwork first drafts creative design or the minor amendments that they required.

Graph Design Software Programs
Our graphic art department is PC and Mac based, predominantly using Coreldraw 15 and Adobe Illustrator CS5. Higher quality results are obtained using these programs, giving better colour separation accuracy. We do not except Quark files, however if this is all you work with please convert text to outlines and save as both a PDF and an EPS file and send us both. Please note that Gif or Jpeg files are often not suitable for printing due to compression factors. Any files received in Word, Excel, Publisher etc may only be used for simple designs or text and will most likely be redrawn to satisfy our pre-press stage.

Large Files?
Any files that cannot be e-mailed, may be sent to us via mail on a CD otherwise we do provide a FTP site to accommodate those files which are too large to e-mail (see contact page - send artwork) or go to the "Upload Artwok" section at the bottom of our home page

Handy Hints
When designing artwork for label printing please use vector based programs only (Corel & Illustrator CS) - doing this will allow for better printing results i.e. Sharpness, Separations and speedy proofing.
Please convert all text to outlines/curves.
Photographic or full colour designs should be embedded into the art file.

When designing for Flexographic labels please do not create any artwork that has a dot size any smaller than 3% to accommodate our plate making process.
Any artwork supplied for Flexographic will be imported into Adobe Illustrator for trapping before plates are made.

When designing for Foiled labels please do not create any artwork that has screen work, fine curves or a font size any smaller than 5 Point - close registration of borders or text are not suited to this printing process either.

If artwork has bleed (the cut die line touches the printed image), allow a 2mm overprint to ensure a clean edge of finished print.

Please remember to convert all fonts to curves to ensure your font does not change - in case we do not have your font on file. Failure to do this will increase mistakes and slow down the approval process.

If you have had your job printed previously by another supplier, please supply a colour printed sample as this will help ensure we provide you with the label you are expecting. Labels can be printed in many different ways any samples previously printed would be greatly appreciated, this also helps with colour matching.

The Sticker Company will always send a coloured PDF proof via e-mail or a faxed mono proof if preferred, before we print your order - any concerns or queries?
In some instances we can print you a press sample.

Please contact our art department by e-mail on for any concerns or questions